• Who is The Teenage Gourmet?

    I'm . . . no longer a teenager! I'm a 20-year-old girl from Kentucky who loves to experiment with food. This blog is about new recipes and products. When I'm not in the kitchen, you'll likely find me running around Charlottesville or attached to my coffee IV. I'm a hard worker and throughly enjoying my time at the University of Virginia!

Taro Bubble Tea

Bubble tea, believe it or not, does not exist in Kentucky.  With all trendy things (Nike running shorts, Apple technology, relevant music), the flyover states are two years behind.  If my calculations are correct, bubble tea should’ve arrived . . . last year.  Assuming you are as clueless as I was, bubble tea is a … Continue reading

PB & Whey Review

It’s been so long since I’ve blogged; I’m genuinely surprised that I remembered how to upload this picture. Even more embarrassingly,  this review is long overdue.  I promised a friend that I would taste this (free, thanks!) protein bar and give it a review on my blog.  Well, here it is . . . a … Continue reading

Thai Coconut Soup: Tom Kha Gai

College, so far, has taught me a few things: For starters, I now know where to get the best pizza at 2 am (avocado, tomato, feta, please!) I know that kindness is powerful; if you ask with a smile, the cafeteria workers will “fix that peanut butter machine for ya, baby!” Hamburgers are always, infinitely … Continue reading

Home Again

I have absolutely no idea what I’ve cooked in the past 5 months.  I can tell you that I’ve made cookies on more than 5 occasions, and eaten out more than I have in the past 5 years combined.  I’ve hijacked my friend’s apartment kitchen 5 times exactly.  For the first time in at least … Continue reading

College Life

College isn’t conducive to blogging.  At all.  Now that I’m a few weeks in, I’ve created a mater plan (with the help of my fellow UVa food blogger)!  My plan is to photograph and review the several dining halls on Grounds, with the help of my friends.  Hopefully this venture will be entertaining to you, … Continue reading