Barney Butter Review!

Let me inform you about the circumstances of this post. It’s late, 1:43 am, so maybe it’s early? Anyway, I’ve just woken up from painful couch sleeping, and what do I resort to for a late-night snack? You guessed it! Barney Almond Butter.

The background story of myself and Barney Butter is kind of embarrassing. You see, I first heard about this almond butter over on Kath Eats Real Food, probably about a year ago. Then, I scavenged the stores to find it. I looked for Barney Butter every single time I went grocery shopping, but it was nowhere to be found! After an eternity of the search, I gave in and ordered it from Amazon.

All Natural Barney Almond Butter is made from roasted almonds, evaporated cane juice, palm fruit oil, and salt. The nutritional information is healthier than peanut butter, with lower saturated fat, yay! Since I purchased the crunchy version, the texture was mega crunchy. It’s mostly almond pieces, with nut butter to fill in the cracks. Due to the palm oil, little stirring is needed as the product hardly separates.

Taste-wise, Barney Butter is. . . full bodied. :) It has a nice roasted flavor with a bit of sweetness. It’s not like any other almond butter I’ve tried. It’s more similar to peanut butter in color and taste. My only complaint is the oily feeling that it leaves on my lips that peanut butters without palm oil don’t seem to leave.

If you have, or know someone with, a peanut allergy, Barney Butter has an additional benefit for you! Absolutely no peanuts are in the product. Regardless, All Natural Barney Butter is a beneficial product for anyone. With lower saturated fat and great taste, it’s a deal.

P.S. I have two more jars of this product and I was considering doing a give away. Would anyone be interested?

9 Responses to “Barney Butter Review!”
  1. Jae says:

    most definitely! :)

  2. Angela says:

    I am! Always wanted to try it but it’s a bit out of the price range.

  3. Sweet Cheeks says:

    Hi! I just found your blog and am I also a senior to be. It’s always nice to meet some younger bloggers. :)

    I love barney butter!!! Haven’t had it in a while though so I’d definitely enter a giveaway!

  4. hey girl! I’m checking out your blog and I love it. This is awesome; I love finding teenagers like me that are into healthy eating. I would most DEFINITELY be interested in a giveaway. I’ve wanted to try Barney Butter forEVER, but unfortunately it’s a bit more pricey than my $3 jar of 365 brand peanut butter. :P

  5. Daisy says:

    I love your reviews. You know, I have yet to jump on the AB bandwagon. I think I need to see what everyone is talking about. I would totally be down for a giveaway! I’m confused about one thing though: you said this was made with peanuts, but then you also said there are no peanuts in the product. Did you mean to say it is made with Almonds?!

  6. traynharder23 says:

    wow! i’ve heard such great things about it. wonder why they need to add sugar tho!

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