Cran-Bella Berry Review

Hello there my Twilight fiends! Did you enjoy the movie? Was Jacob hotter than Edward? Personally, I have seen it yet, but I’m planning to soon. Just like you, I too read the books. Here’s a warm-up trivia question (don’t scroll down for the answer!):

Wonderful! The love-triangle festers in Washington state. You really know your stuff!

Two days ago, my baby blogger ego was inflated by my first ever . . . free products! Using a pocket knife to open the package, I recognized the return address to be Hoodsport Winery, in Washington. As it turned out, Bella did not send me a promotional package to advertise for her new movie. However, my Aunt Peggy (whether she realizes it or not) is one trendy jam-namer! :D

Five new jams were in the box, but there was no question in my mind about which one to choose. Cran-Bella was most appropriate. Upon arriving at my door step, the jams were especially liquid-y because of the 90 degree temperature. I was initially fearful, but an over-night stay in the pantry firmed them up to the typical jam consistency.

Yesterday morning, I popped off the jar’s top and dug in. The aroma was the first thing that I noticed, it’s bright, and it Mom’s words, “Fresh, very fresh.” Since my aunt owns a small winery, I’ll bet you $100 that this is a small-batch product. That means that what you pay for is made with the utmost attention and care.

The flavor is sweet, just like you would expect from a jam! It’s a bold product that’s cooked with Hoodsport’s Cranberry Wine, which results in a totally unique, underlying depth. I enjoyed it stirred into plain yogurt, but I instantly thought of other uses. Cran-Bella would be great in dressings, marinades and smoothies. I can absolutely see it as a cheese-tasting accompaniment. With cream cheese on toast, it would make a luxurious, yet simple breakfast.

Ingredients-wise, I’m so happy to report that there is no corn syrup! Cranberries are listed before sugar, and the only other components are Hoodsport’s Cranberry Wine and pectin. If you’re concerned about the alcohol levels, only 1% of less of liquor remains in the final product. It’s totally suitable for kiddos. ;)

My Aunt Peggy is one savvy business woman. She has her jam’s out just in time for her Twilight-crazed customers. In addition to her exceptional marketing, her winery also boasts a gold medal from the VinExpo in France, an exceptional honor for a red wine from the United States. Hoodsport Winery has dozens of products to be proud of. :)

11 Responses to “Cran-Bella Berry Review”
  1. Ah, I am dying to receive my first free sample! Lucky duck! It sounds interesting, I’m glad you liked it! I love it when jams/jellies don’t have corn syrup :)

  2. Oh, fresh jam! I’m so jealous – your aunt sounds really cool! I want to make my own jam someday; you just can’t beat fresh, can’t you? :D


  3. It’s always fun to hear about other Washington products. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Patti Green says:

    Great articale on the Cran Bella Berry Jam! Sounds like something I should try.

  5. Katherine: What About Summer? says:

    That is awesome! I would love a jam that came from a winery!

  6. Peggy says:

    Wow, Sami
    Thanks and you did a super review. Glad that the product worked for you. And, I liked your suggestions for the jam. We will list this product on our web page soon.
    Aunt Peggy
    Hoodsport Winery, Inc.

  7. Hey Sami!

    This is awesome; your aunt’s jam sounds fantastic! How nice of her to send you some samples to review. I think it’s awesome that it’s a small-batch product; those are always the best. :)

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