Twelve-Hour Tomatoes

When I was three years old, tomatoes were my least favorite food. I vividly remember sitting on the kitchen counter while my mother offered my a slice of the sweet summer fruit. I took a small bite of the squishy, slimy substance, but I quickly spit it out. In fact, the tomato frustrated me so deeply, that I promptly ripped off my velcro shoe, causing my left front tooth to fall out. For the next three years, I lived without a front tooth.

I deeply wish that you do not feel the same way about tomatoes. In August alone, I’ve harvested twenty pounds of these monsters from my family’s garden. Thank goodness I’ve gotten over my tomato aversion.

Prepare yourselves for a few tomato recipes; they are invading our kitchen like the air force. Last summer, I made tomato sauce, but I didn’t have much success. Mom isn’t into canning, and I don’t have the patience to learn at the moment. So, what’s the fastest way to shrink your bounty? Dehydrate!

Here’s the process

1. Slice the outside skins and 1/2 inch of flesh from 3 pounds of tomatoes

2. Drizzle with olive oil and salt. Then dehydrate at 200 degrees for 6 hours.

3. After 6 hours, increase the temperature to 250 degrees for two hours.

4 Turn the oven off and go out to dinner. Be absent for 4 hours

5. Turn the oven on again, convection at 250, and dehydrate for two more hours.

6. Cool completely, transfer to a pristine jar, with a few thyme sprigs, cover with amazing olive oil.

The process is obviously an art, not a science. You dehydrate the tomatoes until they are firm and chewy. It’s a feel thing. Despite the time they require, these oven-dried tomatoes involve no stress because your oven will do all of the work. After your undetermined drying time, you will have the freshest, oil-packed tomatoes that you’ve ever tasted.

9 Responses to “Twelve-Hour Tomatoes”
  1. Josh says:

    Canning is very simply and easy! You should try it sometime. It’s a great way to preserve just about anything you create. Comes in handy on those days you dont feel like cooking or don’t have time. Just pull out a jar of your favorite creation, and voila!

    All you need is a few sanitized canning jars ( Mason ). Find them just about any market.

    Step 1. Create your food.
    Step 2. Boil your lids/covers
    Step 3. Put food in the Jars ” Still hot if you can ”
    Step 4. Put lids on jars.
    Step 5. Wait until the lids go ” POP ! ”

    That’s it!

  2. Wei-Wei says:

    I used to hate tomatoes as a kid. I liked them for a while… then I think I’m discovering that I don’t like them again. :P


  3. teenagehealthfreak says:

    hey that’s cool! wish I would have known about that a few years ago when they invaded our kitchen as well! lol :) pretty pictures.

  4. Geni says:

    What lovely tomatoes. You are so lucky. Thank you for the information on how to dehydrate them.

  5. Lexa says:

    I wish we had good enough tomatoes to merit drying them… Visions of sundried tomatoes on pizzas and in scrambled eggs all winter long are dancing in my head.

  6. Ari says:

    That’s so funny about your tooth! I have a picture of myself as a young child sitting naked in my kitchen, stuffing my face with a large tomato, so I think I’m all set in that area. I am actually not a fan of cooked, dehydrated, sauced, etc. tomatoes, though.

  7. Rachel says:

    Wow, I always thought this would be so hard to do, but you make it sound easy! I can’t wait to try it out. Thanks for sharing, Sami!


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