Amusingly Disgusting

I was about to tell you about these fantastically cake-y and creative Persimmon Muffins I made two weeks ago, but then I found this picture.  And 1) It’s Friday night, and 2) I’m tired, and 3) I haven’t written a product review in a while.  I MUST warn everyone on the planted about this bar. It is inedible.

This isn’t my first “green” SuperFood bar, but it will probably be my last.  These too-good-to be true products typically include ingredients such as: wheat grass, alfalfa, chlorella (which sounds like a disease), broccoli (!!!), flax, pumpkin, and peppermint.  Some of them are manageable, but OH. MY. GOD. . . this one is horrible. The mint is one sad attempt to mask the stench of old vegetables.  I can’t stand to waste food, but 95% of this expensive bar went into my garbage bin.

I can, however, thank this bar for my amusement now.  Several weeks after recuperating from the traumatic taste-test, I can now laugh at my stupidity.  Really, what was I thinking? While these bars claim to be healthy, they are just expensive sugar bombs. Amazing Grass’ “Berry Whole Food Energy Bar” has 26 grams of sugar. . . The next time I want some vegetables, I’ll buy some REAL broccoli. Nobody should waste their money on this garbage.




14 Responses to “Amusingly Disgusting”
  1. Ahh no way, I hate when that happens. :/ What a disappointment. I’ve heard the PB & chocolate one is good, but honestly I’m not surprised. After all, what pb & chocolate flavored thing ISN’T good? :)

  2. teenagehealthfreak says:

    well thanks for the info! i had a chocolate one once and i thought it was pretty good! but i won’t try this one…

  3. Erika says:

    Ew. I’ve never tried Amazing Grass bars, but I have tried their “Green Superfood” protein powder in a smoothie. Not even 1 cup of berries and yogurt could mask the disgusting flavor! :-?

  4. Kayla says:

    Thanks for keeping it real with us! I haven’t ever had one of those bars, but I don’t think I will!

  5. theflourishingfoodie says:

    Thanks for the totally honest product review! I”ll be sure to avoid that product…

  6. Hahahaha, chlorella does sound like a disease! ;)

  7. says:

    I had that one before and I agree it was nasty and too expensive! oh and you have been tagged!…

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