Home Again

I have absolutely no idea what I’ve cooked in the past 5 months.  I can tell you that I’ve made cookies on more than 5 occasions, and eaten out more than I have in the past 5 years combined.  I’ve hijacked my friend’s apartment kitchen 5 times exactly.  For the first time in at least 5 years, I’ve lost control of my kitchen.

It’s been great!

Although, since being home (6 days) I’ve burnt myself twice and cut myself once . . . someone is out of practice!

I had to buy a few snacks for a party.

I met Kath from Kath Eats Real Food! I also spend $40 at her bakery, where cookies are about a dollar . . . I have a lot of friends now.

Obviously I HAD to spend $22 on this vintage Santa Clause, cast iron pan.  I swear; I’m 50 years old.

And then I did this . . . but please do not tell my mother. :)

3 Responses to “Home Again”
  1. hahaha looks like you’ve been having a good time :)

  2. Lexi @ A Spoonful of Sunshine says:

    Ahh the college life ;)

  3. The Teenage Taste says:

    Sounds like college life has been good to you, Sami! Hope you had a very Merry Christmas! I’ve missed your posts!

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